Thursday, August 11, 2005

The top 50 things nobody else knows about me...

A few folks I know have composed lists such as this, and I figure it's an interesting excercise. :-)

So... here we go...

1. I am deathly afraid of heights. It takes a lot to get over it.
2. I am pretty scared of needles, too, but that's lessened over time.
3. I never dated in high school.
4. I didn't have a driver's license until 20, or a car of my own until 22.
5. I can sit down and devour a thousand pages of a book in a day.
6. Writing is one of my passions. If I were not going after medicine, it would be writing.
7. I have two half-brothers, one of which I have not seen in nearly 20 years.
8. I am more comfortable walking through woods than streets, even though I live in the city.
9. I got a 1340 on my SAT.
10. I can program calculators to do about anything besides wash my socks.
11. I have a mild palsy on my left side, and nobody can tell.
12. In HS, I cheered with extreme glee when my nemesis got expelled for drug possession.
13. I have an extremely high tolerance for pain.
14. My Sophomore year of college, my then-girlfriend got pregnant by another man.
15. I would have married her.
16. That would have been the biggest mistake of my life.
17. I got a D+ in Physics in HS, then got a B the next quarter. Don't know how.
18. After Sophomore year, I didn't date again until I was a graduate.
19. I am an excellent listener, and remember everything said.
20. Thanks to a grill incident, I had no hair on my arms for a year in college.
21. I was baptized and confirmed Catholic.
22. I no longer believe that Catholicism's tenets fit me.
23. I once lost a hundred bucks in grade school.
24. When I shop, it is as a commando raid. Quick and done, smoke grenades a plus.
25. I do my own automotive repairs.
26. I am self-taught on highway driving.
27. I swore many years ago that I would give my virginity to someone who truly appreciated it.
28. I kept, and will keep this promise, until I find the right one.
29. I was a photographer in high school.
30. Nothing makes me grin more than a well-executed tackle to win the game.
31. One of my legs is slightly shorter than the other.
32. In HS, I was so unable to offend that I carried on a conversation with a Marine recruiter.
33. I finally had to ask my dad if he would talk for me when the recruiter called.
34. I still get calls.
35. Despite their number, I am proud of my scars. Work, play, they speak to me.
36. Some time ago, I was probably clinically depressed.
37. A friend or two pulled me out of it. Now, I am fine.
38. I know where all my great-grandparents are buried.
39. I hate public speaking with a passion.
40. When I presented my work in lab at a conference, I secretly hoped I woudn't win.
41. Given a choice, I would pay a great deal of money to run the world for one day.
42. I was the Grillmaster in college, and some still call me that.
43. I can still rattle off the complete OA Rituals for all Degrees, even though I haven't performed them in years.
44. The smell of bleach makes me wince.
45. I will put up with a great deal of pain in my life, if there is no way around.
46. I will NOT put up with that for my friends and those I love, though.
47. I am technically lying on my driver's license. I weigh less than it says.
48. In grade school, I was picked on constantly.
49. I would give my right arm to tell me back then to stand and fight.
50. I don't drink alcohol, ever. Last alcohol I consumed was communion wine.


Blogger clew said...

Great list, my friend. It's fascinating to me how these silly lists always end up revealing a lot about a person.

BTW, 48 & 49? Me too. Middle school though. :/

8/11/2005 7:38 AM  
Blogger Bougie Black Boy said...

I love #12!

8/11/2005 10:22 AM  
Blogger Bainwen Gilrana said...

Only 50? Amateur. ;-)

I must say I love the phrase "grill incident."

I was picked on in grade school and middle school too. All the time! It was like a school sport for everyone else.

I say we ought to collaborate on a writing project someday. :-)

8/11/2005 10:26 AM  
Blogger Tirithien said...

Yeah, only 50 for now. I was getting tired. Maybe the next fifty will come later. :-)

Picking on me was a sport, it seemed. A bit overweight, no athletic ability, and I liked reading more than the banalities of fashion and the music du jour. What can I say? :-\

8/11/2005 10:54 AM  

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