Thursday, August 31, 2006

130 pages of notes, 385 pages of handouts, not enough sleep, yet strangely...

I feel pretty darn good. :-)

Gorgeous morning this morning, sweet sunrise and a gentle breeze. It rained most the night, but that just leads to a good day.

I'm tired. Tired enough I could fall asleep standing up, but all is well.

Morning, folks. Have a good day. :-)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Doctor, can I be excused?

My brain is full.

195 pages of handout Powerpoint slides, 60 pages of notes, and it's only 10am on Thursday. I'm on break at the moment- profs like having a few minutes of break every hour. Helps recharge the mind.

Overall, though, I'm pleased. I can do this. :-)

Heck, even my ID picture looks good! It's meant to be!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Almost there...

This promises to be a long week.

Monday and Tuesday are normal enough, just workdays. Hard work, hot sun, but I'm okay with that.

Wednesday promises to be very long indeed. Orientation/Registration for my Master's. Starts at 8, and they have the schedule filled until 5, though mine should be shorter. Unlike most Master's programs, the MSBS is special. There's no choice as to classes. I take classes 1-9, in that order, and when they are offered. I should be out of there quickly.

Thankfully, it appears that Amazon and Barnes/Noble have my books cheaper than MUO does, so I'm going to try ordering them tomorrow. They'll be here by Monday's class, and I pocket a few extra bucks. :-)

Thursday I have a doctor's appointment. Just a checkup, but annoying. Friday, Bainwen does for her wrist.

Saturday is that wander through hell, the MCAT. Five and a half hours. Pray for me.