Monday, January 22, 2007

An interview.

I seem to have located another interview, this time at Cincinnati. :-) Should be interesting, especially if Bainwen can keep me company on the drive. They only do one interview for an hour with one interviewer, which is weird. Everywhere else does either 2 (Wright State) or 3 (MUO, Ohio). I'm not sure what to make of this.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Never waste another day...

“Never waste another day wondering what you threw away…” – Sugarland, 2006.

I’ve heard this song a hundred times, no doubt. Decent beat, nice sound, but today was different. Today was the time I really heard it for the first time.

That line means a lot, really. How much? Well, how many past mistakes are there?

Fifth grade.

I’d been bullied before, but this was when things got rough. What would have stopped it there? Telling a teacher didn’t work- they ignored it as harmless. Ignoring it didn’t work- the bully just came on harder. So it went on, up until I was a Sophomore in high school.

Seventh grade.

Algebra. It’s become a near joke in my family, how I should have taken 7th grade algebra. Why? Because 7th grade algebra would have had me in Geometry as a Freshman, Algebra II/Trig as a Sophomore, Pre-Calculus or AP Calculus BC as a Junior, then AP Calculus AB or AP Stats as a Senior. That would have set up my college math well, boosting my GPA. Maybe not taking a single class kept me from getting into medical school initially.

Senior year.

Similar to seventh grade, I should have taken AP Biology instead of AP Chemistry. Better fit overall, and maybe it would have made a difference.

Freshman year of college.

I found a tutor when I needed help, but maybe sooner?

Just a quick sample, those, but it ends now. I have what I have as my history, and nevermore shall I look at the past and wonder what might have been. I’ve made the right calls when it counted (Hi, Bainwen!), and that is enough.

Never waste another day wondering what you threw away. Never again.