Thursday, February 08, 2007

The interview.

Well, we're back. Now how do I classify that vortex of suck without large quantities of profanity?

I'll do it chronologically...

3-5pm. Exam in Pathophysiology, which I did pretty darn well on. 88%, as a matter of fact. Making things even better, a friend of mine was quite thoroughly delirious before the exam. He was leafing through my notes, and came across a circulatory system diagram. His reaction? "Aorta. That's pretty funny!" Need I say that has become a tagline for Bainwen and I? ;-)

5pm. Load the car and hit the road. Traffic wasn't bad for the most part, just normal rush-hour congestion in a few spots. Around 8, we stopped for dinner in Piqua. Pi-qua. Sounds like a reject Pokemon, doesn't it? Pi-qua-chu! ;-)

8:30pm. Dinner's done, but no check. Lots of weird looks from other people though- wonder why?

9pm. Still no check. The waitress had "forgotten" to give it to us, apparently. Never did get one.

10pm. In Cincy, through the nastiness that is the neighborhood around the school. After wandering around for about 20 minutes looking for an entrance to the hotel, we find it and get checked in.

Tuesday, 8am. Up! Shower, shave, get cleaned up. Take my time getting ready, and get looking good. All's ready.

10am. I head out, and Bainwen hangs around the hotel. That's when things start going wrong. She'd held off on a shower until I left, but just as she was getting ready, the power goes out. Some mental midget had flipped a breaker.

10:30am. After wandering around the horrific architecture of their MedSci building (Why the hell is there a single red-brick office in the basement?), I found their Dean's Office. Got my folder of information, and sat down. Nothing weird here.

11am. Weirdness begins. It's a comedy of oddness, with everything said about other universities finished with "but we're better" or some permutation thereof. The presenter had the personality of a rock, and then started a few things that made me question why I was even there. He says UC is the oldest university in Ohio, founded in 1819, and oldest medical school West of the Alleghenies. (Half right- oldest med school, yes. Oldest Uni? Ohio University (1804) and Miami University (1809) may beg to differ.) He says they have the largest Oktoberfest in Ohio (Outright wrong. Columbus is largest by far, then Toledo.) He says their board passage rate is highest in state, way above national average. (Misleading, at best. Their rate of 98% is excellent, but the national average of 93% looks better when you remember that US-protectorate schools that have low-40s rates are in there.)

If you can't talk without bashing the others, don't. You look arrogant. By this point, I was seriously questioning my being there. Had I wasted $300 in gas and hotel fees?

11:30am. Tour. Nothing special, though most of the students looked like they wanted to be anywhere else, as opposed to the other tours I've done.

1:30pm. Interview. The guy leads in with my least favorite question- Tell me about yourself. I answer as best I can, and it becomes apparent the interviewer has all the personality of a dead fish. I answered questions, and there were no follow-through questions. I can carry a conversation, but this was talking to a wall.

3pm. Time to go, and it's snowing pretty heavily. Bainwen and I jump in the car, intent on leaving Cincy as a memory and nothing more- she'd had an irritating day, too. Get on the road, and go... nowhere. Slip, slide, skid. Lots of slippery hills, and no discernable salt or plowing.

6pm. Get to an exit for I-75, after 3 hours of driving and looking for one, we finally see the highway. Standstill. Great. Find dinner and see if things clear.

7pm. Hey, Waffle House. Hear from a trucker that 75 is closed around Dayton, so we're stuck. He recommends a hotel a few miles down the road.

8pm. EconoLodge, here we are. Collapse, and sleep.

9am. Realize there's no way on Earth I can make it to class at 12:45, so I email my prof. She's understanding, which is a plus. Hit the road.

Finally, we're free. Stop for lunch in Versailles, hit an antique mall in Findlay, got home at 4. Never doing that again!