Sunday, July 30, 2006

Snopesters, and jam, and... and... God, I'm tired.

Yesterday was the second annual Midwest Snopester Meet, up at the Detroit Zoo. Great time, to say the least, and a chance to see a few people I have wanted to put faces to a screen name.

Admittedly, we looked a little odd...

1. Nametags. Nametags with screen names, not with real names. Lots easier to work with.
2. Constant searching for water misters, since it was 95.
3. Congregating in the Penguinarium, all 20 of us. Have to meet somewhere, right? :-)
4. Devastating the poor buffet at Mongolian BBQ. 20 hungry people who haven't eaten all day, at a buffet. Doom!

Most excellent way to spend the day. :-)

As a relaxation today, I pulled out the saucepan and made some jams. Strawberry, and a peach-blackberry. Yum. :-D

God, I'm tired. :-p

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Got it!

Well, my back hurts, my abs are on fire, and my poor knees may never be the same, but it is done. All of Bainwen's stuff is currently in the apartment, and mine is following. Squee! :-)

As an aside, adding to the rockage- got a secondary request from the University of Cincinnati. Two down, five to go. :-D

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Saturday, folks, Saturday! Finally, Bainwen and I go apartment finding. :-D Got the application accepted, now to front the money and get our apartment.

Squee. :-)