Monday, January 22, 2007

An interview.

I seem to have located another interview, this time at Cincinnati. :-) Should be interesting, especially if Bainwen can keep me company on the drive. They only do one interview for an hour with one interviewer, which is weird. Everywhere else does either 2 (Wright State) or 3 (MUO, Ohio). I'm not sure what to make of this.


Blogger martie said...

Best of Luck to you! Have a safe trip and enjoy each others' company if Bainwen gets to go along!!!!


1/23/2007 10:41 AM  
Blogger Tirithien said...

It's too strange, really. One interviewer- if I hit it off, then all's well. Here's to hope.

1/27/2007 1:20 PM  

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