Monday, March 13, 2006

All right, OU, let's play.

My application is off, signed and sealed, check included. Three letters from professors should be there, and a letter from a DO should be postmarked today. That gives me a few days to spare.

Now to wait for an interview... God, I want in this one.


Blogger Bainwen Gilrana said...

Squee, w00t, squ00t!
OU’s got the loot!
W00t, squ00t, squee!
Now bless my love with glee!
Squ00t, squee, w00t!
Now give his fears the boot!


3/13/2006 4:03 PM  
Blogger Tirithien said...

*doubles over laughing*

Brilliant! :-D

I called OU, and they have everything. That letter from the DO will be there tomorrow or next, and I'm gold.

3/13/2006 8:42 PM  
Blogger martie said...

Best of luck.....I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

3/13/2006 10:56 PM  
Blogger Tirithien said...

Now to wait for an invite. :-) Thanks for the vibes. :-)

3/14/2006 4:01 PM  
Blogger clew said...

HEY! My squee shout-out from the highway last weekend must've worked! ;)

JK, I know it's nothing to do with me - it's ALL about you, homey. Woohoo!

3/16/2006 10:18 AM  
Blogger Tirithien said...

Just found out my letter from a DO should be there either today or tomorrow, so I'm good. It wasn't sent until the 13th, hence the delay, but it's okay.

3/16/2006 3:46 PM  
Blogger martie said...

Don't forget to post and let us know what happens, okay?

3/17/2006 9:35 PM  

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