Monday, February 27, 2006

Five thousand...

Today, I broke the five thousand post barrier on Snopes. No big deal, really, until you realize what it represents.

Five thousand posts. That's a book, depending how long each post is. That's a novel of two years of my life, encapsulated in snips and snatches, bits and pieces of conversations. Bits of me are woven into vibes sent for jobs and ailing families, cheers for victories and sorrows for losses, and sparks wind up in the fires of debate and challenge.

Five thousand.

Eight hundred and six days, six and a quarter posts per day, bits of life and bits of my experience. It's interesting, though, to read the early ones. This time last year, for example, I was fighting a rough patch in my life. Now, though, I'm over it. I'm free.

Five thousand. Think what you will of two years' postings, talking to the same people, but I'll say this. That's two years correspondence with people I never would have met, friends I never would have made, glory I never would have found.

That was worth the time. :-)


Blogger Aithne said...

Congrats on hiting the big 5000. A few more and you might catch me. ;) I'd write you a limrick, but the only thing I can think of that rhymes with Toledo is speedo. :D

2/27/2006 2:46 AM  
Blogger Bainwen Gilrana said...

It's so strange how message board posts become windows into people's lives, isn't it? And they can sometimes lead to things you never would have suspected possible in a million years. ;-)

I couldn't come up with a limerick either, but I made you a nice celebratory post on the Interactive LED Sign.

2/27/2006 7:12 AM  
Blogger Tirithien said...


Thanks, folks. :-)

2/27/2006 11:47 AM  
Blogger martie said...

Congrats! I clicked on the link and saw the sign.....most impressive, eh?

2/27/2006 12:19 PM  
Blogger clew said...

Cool! You are quite the post sage. ;D

I smiled at your reflections of paths crossed due to message boarding ... I met my best friend on a message board. Tragic events led us there but I can't picture life without her now. Silver lining, as they say.

You know of which I speak, though, eh?

2/28/2006 9:54 AM  
Blogger naive-no-more said...

Awe, what a nice post. Often the beauty of an achievement is lost because we don't take the time to reflect on it's meaning and significance.

Congrats on 5000 posts and hugs on making it worthwhile.

2/28/2006 12:21 PM  

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